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Expert Guide to Fellatio

Expert Guide to Fellatio

4 minute read

Expert Guide to Fellatio

Fellatio is (to be professional) known as performing oral sex on a man. We also refer to this act as a blowjob, knob gobbling, hummer, gluck gluck 9000, and the list goes on. Let's go over some tried and true tips and tricks so you can suck a D like a pro. 

Start with the Basics

  • Setting the Mood: Create a comfortable environment. Ensure both you and your partner are relaxed and in the right headspace.

  • Foreplay: Don't rush into it. Teasing, touching, and kissing can be essential precursors, building anticipation and arousal.

Surprise BJs are awesome, but men like anticipation. The flirting beforehand is almost as important as the job itself. Get in his head, make him think about it. Trust me. If you're out to dinner, do things to make him look at your mouth. Take slow bites, play with the straw in your drink. 

Techniques to Enhance the Experience

  • Tongue Use: Your tongue can work wonders. Glide it along the shaft, swirl around the head, or flick it against the frenulum (the sensitive underside of the penis near the head).

  • Suction: Gently suck on the head or the entire length. Adjust the intensity based on your partner's feedback.

  • Deep Throating: This advanced technique involves taking the penis deeper into the mouth and throat. It requires practice and isn't for everyone. Remember to breathe through your nose and find positions that minimize gag reflex. Although some gagging is appreciated.

  • Use of Hands: Complement your mouth's efforts with hand movements. Stroke the shaft, caress the testicles, or even explore the perineum (the area between the testicles and anus). This works especially well for men with larger penises so you're not struggling to take it all in. 

Tips and Tricks

Tips Tricks and Techniques for Fellatio | Expert Guide to Fellatio | Condom Depot Learning center

  • Eye Contact: Making eye contact can intensify the connection between you and your partner. It can feel awkward, but I promise he will love it. 

  • Vary Your Moves: Mix up the techniques to keep things unpredictable and exciting. 

  • Listen and Respond: Pay attention to your partner's reactions. Moans, movements, and verbal cues can guide you. If he likes it, you'll know. 

  • Take Breaks: It's okay to pause and use just your hands or take a moment to breathe. It can be a turn on for him to see you working so hard.

If you want some more details and additional tips and tricks, check out Fellatio Tips, Tricks, and Techniques.

Use of Toys and Lubricants

  • Vibrating Toys: Place a small vibrator against your cheek, at the base of the penis, or against his balls to add extra sensation. 

  • Cock Rings: These can intensify his pleasure by restricting blood flow, leading to heightened sensitivity. A lot of these vibrating rings are rechargeable or have replaceable batteries so they are reusable and can be used for intercourse fun too.

  • Lubricants: Flavored lubes can enhance the experience, but ensure they're safe for ingestion. Most we carry are gluten and sugar free.

Safe Sex and STD Awareness

  • Use of Condoms: Using a condom during fellatio can prevent the transmission of many STDs. Flavored condoms are available for oral purposes.

  • STDs and Infection Rates:

    • Both givers and receivers can acquire STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and HPV through oral sex.

    • While HIV transmission from oral sex is low, it's still possible, especially if there are open sores in the mouth or semen is swallowed.

    • The actual infection rates can vary, but it's crucial to remember that many people with STDs may not show symptoms. Regular STI checks and open conversations with partners about sexual health are paramount.

While you may be in a committed, monogamous relationship, it's still important to be safe to minimize risk of STD transmission. Some people can transit STDs and have no symptoms. 


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