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Durex: Brand History & Products

Durex: Brand History & Products

3 minute read

For over 80 years, Durex brand has been on the forefront of condom technology and has consistently made huge strides in safer sex products and technology...

A Complete Brand Overview By Condom Depot

Originally called the London Rubber Company, Durex was founded in 1915 by L.A. Jackson. The LRC sold imported condoms and barber shop supplies until Jackson officially registered the Durex brand in 1929.

In the early fifties, Durex made a huge advancement in prophylactics by releasing the first ever lubricated condom. Another important innovation quickly followed when Durex developed the first means of electronically testing condoms in 1953

In the sixties, Durex made an anatomically shaped condom before any other manufacturers did. During the seventies, Durex becomes the first brand to simultaneously market condoms to several different countries.

In the early nineties, Durex starts making condoms in multiple colors and flavors. In 1996, Durex was the first condom company to launch a website and their international market skyrocketed. The following year, they introduce non-latex condoms made of polyurethane.

In 2001, Durex is the first condom brand to make a condom with both a ribbed and dotted texture, called Pleasuremax. Two years later, Durex adds Play lubricants to their product line. In 2009, Durex introduced their battery powered vibrating erection rings to stores.

Recently in 2012, Durex launches Performax Intense condoms, the first condom designed to slow him down and speed her up. In 2013, Durex also experiments with Funderwear, an iPhone controlled vibrating panty.

Today, Durex condoms are manufactured in Spain, Thailand and India using only the highest quality latex and non-latex materials. With all of these ahead-of-their-time advancements, who knows what this Manchester based condom company will come up with next? We can’t wait to find out.

Featured Durex Products:

Durex Extra Sensitive Condom

Durex Extra Sensitive condoms offer exceptional sensitivity due to their extreme thinness, contoured shape and silky smooth lubricant.

This is Durex’s thinnest latex condom and was even named “Most Reliable and Dependable Condom” by Consumer Reports magazine.

The Extra Sensitive condom by Durex is made from transparent latex, has a low latex scent, is extremely easy to get on and has a comfortable and anatomical shape.

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Durex XXL Condom

If all the other condoms fall short, this is the perfect condom for you.

The Durex XXL is Condom Depot's longest condom and is perfect for the well-above-average length man.

This naturally colored condom is made from thin latex has a reservoir tip.

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