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Dominate Valentine's Day with These Sexy Play Date Ideas

Dominate Valentine's Day with These Sexy Play Date Ideas

3 minute read

While the tradition of giving candy and flowers has a time and place, Valentine's Day can be an opportunity to treat your sweetheart to a new and wild physical experience. Keeping the romance and sexual energy level up during the course of the year can be a challenge for a lot of couples out there, so this holiday is really your chance to wow your partner in the bedroom with some unexpected treats. Here are some sexy play date ideas for your Valentine. 


Sexy Slave Kit | Sexy Play Date Ideas | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

Always fantasized about a little light bondage in bed, but didn't know how to make that happen?  If you're looking for some light and fun bondage then try out our Sexy Slave Kit. If you want a little more excitement, you should try a total body experience you could harness your inner dungeon master with some Hog Tie Restraint. Whether you want to be tied up, or tie your partner up, these products could allow you to play with each other in a brand new and exciting way.


Vibrating Erection Ring | Sexy Play Date Ideas | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

Incorporating toys into your partner play can be a super easy way to spice things up this Valentine's Day. Mutual pleasure with toys can be a totally tantalizing way to play. If you have yet to try the Big O Rechargeable Vibrating Ring with your significant other, this is the perfect time to do so. Simply slip it on the male, flip the switch and let her rip. Another amazing vibrating toy specifically for couples is the Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties. This remote controlled toy is made for females and it stimulates the clitoris either during sex or on it's own. What makes it ultra unique is that the partner can control the level of vibration for that extra kick of dominance.


Spicy Expert | Sexy Play Date Ideas | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

If you like the feel and smell of leather, harness this preference this Valentine’s Day with some new leather lovemaking accessories. For him, a Ball Spreader Erection Ring can provide a longer lasting erection due to the black rubber ring(s) around the base of the shaft and leather harness for the scrotum. This works and looks great when paired with other leather accessories as well. See which one fits him best, before ordering, by using our Erection Ring Size Chart!

Speaking of powerful ladies, if you and your partner have talked about switching roles, but have yet to do so, this could be an extra special Valentine's Day treat for both of you. Since the male G-Spot is his prostate, you may want to try using a toy on him for a change. Try out the Vedo Quaker Anal Vibe, from during this holiday and he will be overwhelmed by blissful pleasure. Make sure you lube him up right beforehand with a lube specially designed for anal play, such as Pjur Analyse Me! Silicone Anal Glide.

Find what's best for you

With so many options for a kinky Valentine's Day of play, I know you'll have a great time doing something out of the ordinary with your lover. Submit to your secret desires and you're sure to dominate this holiday with pleasure and style!

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