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Condom Review: Trustex Lubricated

Condom Review: Trustex Lubricated

2 minute read

Made by Line One Labs, these straight-fitting, traditional, latex Trustex Lubricated condoms are the quintessential, simple, sheer, classic-and-effective, male condom.

If you’re in the mood for ribs, dots, orgasm enhancing lubricant, vibrant colors, non-latex, glow-in-the-dark, and/or exotic flavors of condoms – kindly move along to much more experimental prophylactics. Your hankering for a wacky and wild hanky-panky accessory will not be filled here.

However, the unassuming Trustex Lubricated does it job with manly durability, burly comfort, almost see-through transparency and they come at a low price. In addition, they also have a reservoir tip for extra catching room when the time comes.

When the clock struck lube-thirty, things were getting rather on the dry side, I didn’t want to change the uncomplicated nature of this condom, so I kept with the low-key minimalism going by adding a bit more lube.

The result was akin to the transformation in the film Pleasantville, when the black and white, sexually oppressed TV town and its sexually frustrated citizens blossom into a panorama of full color. Fortunately, smell-o-vision isn’t broadcasting on the airwaves, ‘cause this condom is a ‘lil stinker, for sure. Nonetheless, it tastes nearly identical to a flavorless, polyisoprene LifeStyles SKYN.

Basically, add lube. Lube makes these somewhat sticky raincoats feel a lot more like the real deal. And, it keeps them from being prone to breakage, particularly for those who are thicker than its snugger-than-average girth measurement of 3.74” (95mm). In contrast, size-wise these condoms are quite long at 8.25” (209.55mm).

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trustex Lubricated condoms are the Ron Swanson of rubbers-- strong, straight-as-an-arrow with a smooth-as-silk exterior, and the self-possessed will to survive, particularly with the inclusion of generous cascades of properly selected, well-applied, silicone-based lube. While there are no extra bells and whistles, if you're a no frills kind of guy- you got a winner here. 

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