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Condom Review: LifeStyles Flavored Condoms

Condom Review: LifeStyles Flavored Condoms

3 minute read

Flavored condoms often get a bad rep for being pretty much pointless. The main critique is that the flavor wears away too quickly, or that it isn’t very noticeable over the scent of latex. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got to sample LifeStyles Flavored Condoms.

I was lucky enough to get to review the vanilla and strawberry options, which was awesome because I love those two flavors.

The vanilla, I had a difficult time tasting on the condom itself at first, but it was delicious on my fingertips. I don’t think the LifeStyles brand sells this lube on its own, but I know Trustex Vanilla Flavored Lubricant is pretty close if you need more taste.

Sometimes, I feel like flavored products can taste a little too overly processed. Like they no longer represent the flavor they’re supposed but become a sort of mockery of it. The vanilla, on the other hand, tasted like grandma’s cookies. Which was perfect, and they left my hands smelling super sweet and delicious even after sexy times were over.

The strawberry was not quite as strong and I felt like it wore away more quickly, but once again, it had a more natural taste than other strawberry products I’ve tasted. And the firehouse red color is a real treat, if you’re a fan of colored condoms.

Now, in terms of size, this is our second longest assorted flavored condom.

It was actually bigger than I thought, although my girthier dude found them to be a little too tight. Still, he said it didn't seem to take away from the sensation and he liked the straight-fit.

The latex smell and taste is hardly noticeable above the flavoring, so if you hate the taste/smell of latex, this is going to make your oral sex experience a lot more pleasurable.

After the Durex Tropical (which are probably my favorite flavored condoms) these weren’t as bad as I was expecting. The flavor did wear off a little as the lube wore away, but I was happy to supplement both with WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry. It complimented the vanilla flavor nicely for the first condom, and it enhanced the strawberry flavor of the second one.

Now, most of these packs come with the vanilla and strawberry options which I so enjoyed, and some bonus banana as well. But if you purchase the extra special retail box of twelve from us, you'll be treated to the extra special blueberry and chocolate-flavored condoms in addition to those three!

And just for consideration-- the flavored lube on this condom is water-based, which means that it’s very likely that the lube has some type of sugar in it to make it so sweet. Because of that, we do not recommend these condoms for vaginal use since these sugars can often cause yeast infections. You can read more about that in our lubricant guide.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

I wouldn’t say no to using LifeStyles Flavored Condoms to enhance my oral experience again. With some additional flavored lube, the single drawback of the delicious flavor wearing away too quickly was solved, and the smell, for this latex-hater, was simply divine.

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