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Browser HappyPlayTime App Promotes Female Masturbation

Browser HappyPlayTime App Promotes Female Masturbation

4 minute read

Great news, masturbators and wanna-be-masturbators! Female masturbation game and teaching tool, HappyPlayTime, has been released and is free-to-play in browsers everywhere.

This app not only does the much-needed job of teaching people about the anatomy of the vulva and vagina, it teaches some simple methods of healthy masturbation. With guided lessons on the different parts of the genitalia, as well as sex-positive reflections on porn, toys, and lube, this is a huge step forward in a world that is normally very anti-female masturbation.

There are detailed descriptions of the body parts, including the clitoris, G-spot, vaginal canal, etc. However, there's no mention of the A-Spot, the U-spot, squirting, or anal masturbation. Not yet, at least. The game is still in beta, which means that it isn't finished, but it is playable and open to feedback.

The game was originally going to be released on iTunes, but after a long battle with Apple’s App Review Board, they decided to recode so that the game would be playable in-browser. Yes, even on phones and tablets. Just not as an app that you can download. You have to go to their website and open it from there. The good news is that that makes HappyPlayTime available to everyone-- and for free.

I personally played HappyPlayTime in my Chrome browser on my desktop computer here at the Condom Depot Learning Center's headquarters. I sucked at it. Which is weird. Because I’m great at masturbating. But it is more difficult to do with a mouse than with your finger.

HappyPlayTime App Female Masturbation | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

The game centers on making Happy, a really rather adorable cartoon vulva, happy. You do this by touching certain areas certain ways and in certain motions. You can also use power-ups to get certain boosts, whether to time or how you're making Happy happy. Read our Twenty Tips for Achieving the Female Orgasm to help you get in the right state of mind before beginning the game.

The better you do (meaning the more orgasms you achieve during the time limit), the more power-ups you get. So far, power-ups include porn (which plays not actual porn but a short animation of dancing butts), lube, and a vibrator, which looks a lot like out Spicy Rabbit Supreme.

The lube power-up was the best one for me because it increases the amount of area you can touch that counts towards orgasm. And let’s just say, I was a lot more clumsy with my mouse than I would be with my hands or Pocket Rocket.

I hope that they continue to add new things. A wider range of toys, for instance, or even a couple of kinks would be nice to see. As it was, I only got to lesson three of five because, again, I suck.

A word to the wise: this app is sadly not particularly trans-friendly. They acknowledge this in a disclaimer on their About page-- saying that they are aware of the fact that trans women have been excluded, and even offer some resources for them.

But they are missing an even greater group who could use this app: trans men. While the app is still a wonderful way to learn about the anatomy of the vulva and masturbation, there is some gendered language in the lessons ("Us ladies are typically more sensitive to fantasy than the boys are."). Fair warning. Again, it’s still in beta. That could be something that changes or expands.

HappyPlayTime could also be a great guide for folks who don't have vulvas but want to learn how to pleasure their partners who do. While it is super cute, it still kind of rides the line of NSFW. But check it out and give it your support if you can! It's a step in the right direction for everyone.

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