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Book Review: Position Of The Day Playbook

Book Review: Position Of The Day Playbook

3 minute read has done it again! As the second sexual position guide to hit the shelves, The Position of the Day Playbook is just as outrageously funny as the first.

With a sexual position for every day of the year, this book will not only keep your sex life...interesting, but you’re sure to pull a muscle or two in the process while keeping track of what day it is. It’s like a slightly-dangerous, pervy calendar in book-form!

Published in 2004 by Chronicle Books, The Position of the Day Playbook was spawned by a team of nimble, limber and extremely attractive volunteers, whom claims selflessly ventured to the laboratory for months of research. The results: A book of 365 hilariously-named sexual positions accompanied with a faceless man and woman demonstrating moves only someone in the circus could successfully perform.

That being said, the book is brilliant for a laugh, which we all know, is essential in any steamy sex life. Like I always say, you can’t have a good orgasm without a good sense of humor.

Each sexual position in The Position of the Day Playbook comes with an estimated caloric expenditure (for each person involved), a list of possible side effects (leg cramp, lawsuit), benefits of performing the position (toned biceps, improved vocabulary), and equipment recommendations (hanging bar, stethoscope, cowboy hat). And no workbook, ahem, playbook, would be complete without a followup section for comments and rating boxes (below average to whoa!) for the reader to fill out and reference back to.

The book is more inspirational than it is practical, as some of the positions are nearly impossible. Like July 27th’s “The HEEEEEELP!” involves the woman standing with her back towards her partner, his legs wrapped around her waist while she’s holding his legs. He does a backbend, hanging there, and somehow penetration happens. He’ll burn 134.4 calories while she burns 72.

Or October 17th’s “The Trust Fall.” The man holds the woman by her waist, she’s face up with her legs around him, and the only thing holding her up, besides her partner, is her tippy toes on a rocking chair. suggests not only the rocking chair as required equipment, but also insurance. The benefit: A new sense of trust in the relationship.

While some of these positions are pretty out there, not every position is impossible. The “No Pain No Gain” is essentially the Reverse Cowgirl, while the “Southern Comfort” is doggy-style on a front porch swing. Sure, you may get complaints from your neighbors, but if you don’t mind the judgey stares, these are all totally do-able.

This book is light-hearted and could really add that certain spark to any love life, whether it’s long term or just for one night. Like I’ve said many times before, keeping sex fun is essential to sustaining that spark, and The Position of the Day Playbook could be just one of the tools in doing so.

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